Mass Tort

American history is tragically overrun with toxic exposures that have resulted in staggering numbers of injuries and deaths.  From asbestos to dangerous drugs and devices, from air pollution to tobacco, most people have been exposed to some form of dangerous toxin in their life.  At Holland Law Firm, we have been involved in representing the victims of mass exposures including drugs, devices and other dangerous toxins and substances.  The firm has represented workers, residents, consumers, villages, water districts, townships and others in these highly complex matters, taking on the corporate giants of the pharmaceutical industries, petroleum, transportation, and insulation.  
PHARMACEUTICAL/DANGEROUS PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: The firm represents people who are injured or killed by unsafe or mislabeled drugs, serving important leadership roles in nationwide litigation holding drug companies responsible for their products. Presently, the firm serves in a variety of leadership roles in numerous pharmaceutical litigations including Yaz, and Mirena to name just a few. We are currently handling pharmaceutical cases involving Avandia, Fentanyl, Zoloft/Paxil (SSRIs), Metal-on Metal Hip Replacements, Transvaginal Mesh, Tylenol, Mirena IUDs and more, and are investigating a number of other potentially unsafe drugs.

It is important to note that there are many complexities arising in drug cases including those presented by iinjuries caused by generic drugs. The United States Supreme Court in the Pliva case limited many such cases. However, more recent cases have allowed cases like this to proceed, including a recent Alabama Supreme Court case. AL Generic Drug Opinion.pdf

Eric Holland and the Holland Law Firm takes an active role in the litigation of its cases instead of simply referring cases out to other firms.  Our clients injured by dangerous drugs receive regular updates and can talk to one of our team members or attorneys any time for a personal update.  Call our toll free number 24/7 to find out more:  1-877-255-3352.

PETROLEUM:   The firm represents individuals and entities who have been injured or damaged as a result of the release of petroleum products from pipelines or storage tanks, taking on billion-dollar Big Oil companies and fighting for cleanup and compensation.  Click here for more.
TRANSPORTATION:  The firm represents workers in the transportation industry who have been exposed to a number of substances including diesel exhaust, sand, and oil to name a few, most often involving pulmonary injuries and cancers.  The firm has successfully handled cases involving oral cancers, brain cancer, lung cancer, mesothelioma, to name just a few for a variety of transportation workers.
ASBESTOS AND INSULATION:   The firm represents people exposed to asbestos, a substance long known for its deadly effects.  Click here for more.
For more information about any of these exposures or to ask questions about legal rights, please contact our firm: or 1-877-255-3352.