Dicamba is a synthetic herbicide that has been on the market for decades.  It was recently marketed by Monsanto as a safe part of their crop system to be used by farmers in states such as a Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, and Arkansas in order to kill invasive plants and weeds which have become part of the “super weed” problem caused by Monsanto’s seed systems.   Dicamba is made by Monsanto, DuPont, and BASF, who also manufacture and sell Dicamba tolerant seeds. 

Due to its volatile nature, Dicamba cannot be safely applied to crops.  Its volatility causes it to vaporize and drift beyond the fields where it was initially applied.  As a result, Dicamba damages and destroys nearby and adjacent crops that are not Dicamba resistant.  It is estimated that over 3 million acres of farmland have been damaged by Dicamba. Sadly, it is believed that most crop insurance claims for Dicamba drift and damage will be denied, leaving farmers to seek compensation for the responsible parties. 

If you are farmer who has suffered crop damage and financial loss following a neighboring farmer’s use of Dicamba, please act immediately to protect your rights to receive compensation, or else risk your case being barred forever due to time limits known as a statute of limitations for all potential claims.

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