Dangerous Blood Clot Filters Implanted in 1000s of Americans

The maker of a medical device designed to catch blood clots after surgery may have misled the FDA, the public and doctors about the device’s potentially fatal and deadly flaw. In a recent news story, NBC News announced that at least 27 deaths have been associated with the Bard Recovery blood clot filter.  About a quarter of a million blood clot filters are implanted every year patients who can’t tolerate blood thinners.  The biggest manufacturers are Bard and Cook.

The Bard Recovery filter is one of the country’s biggest sellers.  Recovery is made by C.R. Bard.  U.S. Government data shows it is responsible for hundreds of non-fatal problems in addition.  It is a tiny metal device shaped like an umbrella that is inserted, sometimes for up to 10 years, into the body’s largest vein, the inferior vena cava or “IVC”.  Often, a piece of the filter breaks off and pierces other important vital organs such as the heart. 

Bard responded to the reported problems with Recovery by hiring infamous public relations firm, Hill & Knowlton, known for their efforts on behalf of big tobacco and asbestos manufacturers.  The PR firm developed a “crisis management” plan to Bard management, warning that “unfavorable press” could damage stock prices and ruin reputations.  Despite this and an internal medical study warning of the dangers, Bard failed to recall the Recovery filter.  There were also several irregularities in the original FDA application that have been questioned.

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